Founded on November 27, 1930 under the name “Standard Electrica Română”, the company ELECTROMAGNETICA established itself as the main manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in Romania. Electromagnetica SA is a joint stock company, with legal personality and unlimited life, duly established and operating under the memorandum of association and under the Law no. 31/1991, republished in 2004, and amended by the Law no. 441/2006, GEO no. 82/2007 and GEO no. 52/2008, as well as in compliance with the Law on capital markets no. 297/2004 and the Law on issuers no. 24/2017.

Currently, ELECTROMAGNETICA is a company with full private capital, listed in the Premium Category B.V.B
ELECTROMAGNETICA is well-known as a traditional manufacturer and supplier of electrical energy distribution and measurement equipment, LED lighting solutions, electrical and electronic subassemblies, metal and injected plastic subassemblies, tools and molds, automotive subassemblies, railway traffic safety systems . It is also oriented towards the production of green energy and technologies aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

All products are made according to national and European norms and standards. The products are designed and developed in the company’s own research-design department and have a high degree of integration, thanks to the diversity of manufacturing technologies that the company owns.
Under the title of ELECTROMAGNETICA BUSINESS PARK, the company offers rental services for surplus spaces, managing over 32,000 square meters of rental space at its headquarters in Bucharest, for offices, warehouses, production, services and conference rooms. The occupancy rate is over 93%.
The future evolution of the company envisages the development of a mix of complementary activities that will provide long-term stability, as well as the development of adjacent activities that will allow the superior utilization of existing resources.

Mission, Vision, Values

The MISSION of ELECTROMAGNETICA top management and employees is to offer high-performance solutions, based on new technologies, to fully satisfy customers and to reasonably respond to expectations, by searching and opening new paths in technology and business.

Our VISION for accomplishing the undertaken mission is to develop products resulting from our own research-design activity. Through its strategy, ELECTROMAGNETICAaims to expand to complementary fields, with high growth potential, ensuring the superior capitalisation of research-development resources and its technological base. The company also intends to maintain a high degree of production flexibility, the total or partial outsourcing of mechanical processes at competitive costs, profit reinvestment, financing mainly from its own sources, balanced diversification of activity and risk balancing.

The VALUES that define and permanently shape the company’s identity and organisational structure are:

  • • Creativity: we are innovative and insist on always applying the latest technologies and most suitable solutions;
  • • Business ethics: represents the foundation of our business relationships, characterised by honesty, integrity, communication and mutual trust;
  • • Collaboration: we have a proactive attitude towards the customers’ needs, offering them quality products and services that add value through long-term direct and indirect benefits;
  • • Responsibility: we act responsibly to protect the environment, the safety, health and personal development of employees, to create a competitive business environment, of integrity, the social and cultural development of the community;
  • • Self-confidence: we believe that teamwork, along with capitalising our own experience and resources, gives us the necessary strength for the fulfilment of our mission and the sustainable development of the company;
  • • Adaptability: we are constantly adapting to the requirements of the market, searching and discovering new opportunities, but being constantly focused on the customers’ needs and expectations.