Address: Calea Rahovei 266-268 Sector 5 Bucuresti.
It is situated about 2 km from the center of Bucharest (Unirii Square), at the intersection of Progress Road

ELECTROMAGNETICA BUSINESS PARK supports business people from Romania and abroad, being designed as an opportunity both for large companies, which need large office and storage spaces, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is one of the largest building complexes in the center of Bucharest, with a net area of ​​offices / warehouses for rent of approx. 38,000 square meters and 450 parking spaces within the building complex, and approx. 150 parking spaces, located 100 m from the location,in another space owned by it.

The company also has another area of ​​offices / warehouses / production for rent of approx. 3,500 sqm 10 km from the headquarters,in Chirca street no. 101, Varteju locality, Magurele city, Ilfov Agricultural Sector with the possibility of free parking.


ELECTROMAGNETICA BUSINESS PARK rents premises intended for offices, warehouses*, services and production with the following facilities:
– Office areas between 25 – 500 sqm
– Warehouse areas between 20 – 300 sqm
– Service and production areas between 20 – 100 sqm
– Available for immediate rent
– Flexible / possibility of partitioning according to the client’s needs
– Rental period between 1 – 10 years with maintenance of the negotiated rate
– Open space with modern finishes: carpet / linoleum / parquet, false ceilings, doors / double glazing, vertical blinds, individual air conditioning system with the possibility of partitioning at the expense of the client
– Metered electricity for each of the premises below market price
– Heat provided by the company’s central heating system
– Internet and telephone access directly with any of the main telecommunications operators on the market, existence of fibre optics on company premises (RDS-RCS, UPC, GTS Telecom, Romtelecom, etc.)

– Video monitoring, security, fire-safety intervention 24/7
– Cleaning of common, interior, exterior areas and landscaping with specialized professional companies
– Provision of maintenance for utilities
– Free parking for visitors
– Rental of machinery, manpower/hour for loading/unloading of goods
– Easy access to additional services – canteens, restaurant, post office, catering services, kindergarten, medical practices and labour protection offices, shops, sports facilities, conference/meeting rooms, etc.

* Note – Locations – hazardous chemical materials, flammable materials with environmental impact, large volume construction materials and sub-assemblies, materials resulting from construction activities (rubble, earth, etc.) are not allowed for storage.

Rental rate:
– Calea Rahovei nr. 266-268 – negotiable depending on the fit-out works made at the owner’s expense
– Varteju, Str. Chirca nr.101 – negotiable depending on the price of the area

For more information call the following phone numbers:

Maria Rogoz       Tel: 021 4042 150 ; Mobil: 0722 163 235
Cristian Pasare   Tel: 021 4042 144;  Mobil: 0751 090 304 ; 0745 100 737


Premises intended for call centre / data centre / archives

ELECTROMAGNETICA BUSINESS PARK offers for rental premises intended for “data centre”, “call centre”, “archive”, with the following facilities:

– Areas for rent between 500 and 1500 sqm
– Premises protected from water and with heat supply
– High-capacity transformer station
– Storage capacity 500 kgf/sqm
– Ground surfaces available for the installation of chillers
– Long-term rental period (max. 10 years) with fixed rent for the whole rental period
– Electricity supply, with rates below market rates
(we are producers and distributors of electricity)

Attractive rates, negotiable at the time of rental.

For more information: 0722 163 235 sau 0745 100 737


– Spaces are available to be rented immediately and are naturally lit;
– The access to the spaces is easy with several possibilities of entering the stairs or with modern high-capacity elevators;
– The rental areas are flexible and can be divided according to the needs of the client;
– The offer is of open space with modern finishing: carpet / linoleum / parquet, false ceiling, doors / windows, vertical blinds, individual air conditioning with possibility of subdivision at the expense of the client;
– Electricity consumption is under the control of the client, each space being provided with electric panel and counter, the electricity tariff being below the market price;
– The spaces are provided with thermal installations connected to the thermal plant of the company;
– Internet and telephone access can be made directly with any of the major telecom operators on the market, with optical fiber on the company’s territory;
– Video surveillance and guard / intervention PSI 24/24 hours;
– Ensuring cleanliness for indoor, outdoor and landscaping with specialized professional firms;
– Ensuring the maintenance of utilities;
– Free parking;
– Rental of machinery, working hours / hour for loading / unloading of goods;
– Easy access to additional services – canteens, restaurant, post office, catering services, shops;
– Possibility to develop your business through a portfolio of over 230 clients, 2800 employees and 1000 visitors per day;
– Possibility to rent conference rooms / meetings;
– The possibility of renting the sporting base of the company for recreational activities – tennis, football, etc.



 Premises for auxiliary services

– Catering
– Restaurants
– Snack bars
– Pizza
– Kindergarten
– Post office
– Meeting/conference rooms
– Medical rooms – occupational medicine, family doctor, dentistry
– Sports centre : football, field and table tennis, billiards
– Room for aerobics, modern dance, wraps, massage, electrostimulation
– Green spaces for leisure
– Video-surveyed parking
– Law, accountancy offices – Fire-fighting / emergency interventions.

Perfect environment to focus your attention on business only!

For more information:

0722 163 235, 0745 100 737



Land/spaces for rent – production, services, warehouses – VARTEJU
Address: strada Chirca nr. 101, localitatea Varteju, orasul Magurele, judetul ILFOV
Area: 3.500 mp
The company also has another area of ​​land that can be rented for production / warehouses / services of approx. 3.500 mp at 10 km away from headquartes.
For more information: 0722 163 235, 0745 100 737 or 0722 744 116